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At SOS Athletic Excellence we are passionate about helping our clients achieve the greatest possible success. In an industry where mediocrity has become the norm, we provide a service where excellent customer service, satisfaction and results are regarded as standard. It is our objective to take you on your own personal journey to achieving your own version of excellence.

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I have trained with Lori over 5 years. I train twice a week. I have increased strength flexibility balance and cardiac stamina. I have less discomfort with daily activities. Lori is knowledgeable and observant of ways to increase my overall health.

Personal Training River North Chicago

Rosalyn Kalantari

I started training with Lori after having a series of injuries that prevented me from running regularly. I was a long-distance runner all my life, but had been struggling with pain symptoms that prevented me from running comfortably. Lori developed a program for me that addressed muscular, postural and other imbalances and within a few months I began to feel a change in balance and coordination. I also began to see significant changes to my posture, my muscle definition and my strength. Lori has consistently challenged me, supported me and helped me with my unique objectives and after over 2 years of working together, I can visibly see the difference and love the impact it has had on my running and my general fitness. I love Lori's creativity, focus on health and wellness and her positive energy!!

Personal Training River North Chicago

Beth Christie

Lori played a key role in my running a marathon, the Chicago marathon, for the first time at the age of 66. The training, which started in February, was interrupted several times in the early months by a pulled muscle in the left calf, but it culminated in the successful run 8 months later.

Lori has a sophisticated ability to gauge just how much effort she can call for, both in a particular exercise and in a full session, to take you to the limit of your strength and to achieve a maximal result in developing strength and endurance.

Lori also is adept at identifying specific weaknesses, in strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, and adopting strategies to address them.

While a workout with Lori is always rigorous, the atmosphere is always lighthearted, which makes the hard work fun.

She is seriously great!

Personal Training River North Chicago

William Herbert

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