Training as a senior and the benefits.

Training as a senior and the benefits.

Research has shown strength training for seniors can bring longevity to their health and fitness levels. There are many benefits that can help you feel strong, better balance, loss weight, and strength your bones. As you age your body starts to slow down from metabolism, to bone density, to lean muscle mass and if we don't learn to maintain those things that keep us going every day then we start to fall apart and feel our age quicker than what we think. 

In this picture is one of our clients who started personal training when she was 60 years old and now 66 years old.. dropped 2% body fat. She said the biggest concern when she first started training with us was she didn't want to lose her balance as much and fall. Going through a series of personal training she has now the agility to not fall, the stamina to take care of her grandson and have the strength to go up and down stairs multiple times with out getting tired. 

Remember to take care of yourself as you age. Go check out this article New York Times just posted on elders balance. Very relevant to what 3rd Coast Athlete Lab is trying to do. 


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