How many times have you heard or said I don't have time to workout or I don't have time to prepare my food? Come on Chicago!!!!!!!

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Lets get real!!! 

We all have said I don't have time to workout today! I don't have time to prepare my food during the week!

This is a huge problem if your goal is weight loss. Just think about it, if you would like to lose 20lbs or even 5lbs before summer comes you have to start setting yourself up to achieve that goal. Here are some basic tips to help schedule your day so you lose those lbs before your deadline. 

Step 1) Set up a schedule for your normal workday from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Put in the workout time that is ideal for you, knowing 100% that you will be able to get it in with no excuses, and then fill your day with your work schedule. 

Step 2) Do that for the rest of the week based on how many days you would love to ideally workout (hopefully no less than 4).

Step 3) Ask yourself what is that hardest meal for you to eat something(skipping meals)/prepare ahead for/or eat healthy? Now, generally breakfast is the hardest to prepare for and/or we miss. So lets put in our schedule that we created in step 1 prepare breakfast the night before. Plan to wake up 5-10 mins earlier to make sure to grab that breakfast. (Remember those 5 mins earlier will help you lose those 20lbs

Step 4) Set 2 reminders on your phone; one for eating lunch and one for drinking water during the day (put this on repeat for the week so you don't have to do it again). If you haven't heard our body is made up of 70% of water so we need to keep our body hydrated for everything to work properly from cells to burning body fat, to helping our daily functions. 

Step 5) Do it all over again. 

Chicago is known for all the pre-made meals, so you have no excuse for missing meals again. Delivery, preparing, food timing, weight loss, changing a habit are the things you will fix today.


Here are a couple smoothie ideas for you to use.

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