Learning to be healthy Starts in the Kitchen: Weight loss has to start somewhere.

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Healthy meals start in the kitchen whether weight loss, muscle gain, or athletic performance.

Your day starts off with being in the kitchen an prepping for your day and your families day. Have you looked in your cupboards or refrigerator lately, I mean really looked and identified how many things you have that are healthy vs. not healthy? Whats the ratio? 

We all learn that we can prep for a great day of eating. Feel good after we ate well and went to the gym all in one day, however, if our kitchen isn't stocked with the right things to start our day off we rely on grab and go meals. To be honest not always a bad thing now that there are companies that make meals for delivery. But when it comes to stopping in at places like Starbucks for a quick snack we go to the high fat, high carb options with very little protein and we don't even realize it. 

The best way is always keeping your kitchen ready for you and your busy day. Help lead yourself to eat better with a healthier kitchen. Start with that grocery list as specific as possible so you know what you are getting for the week. Don't get anything that you haven't put on there which will help keep the cupboards clean, tighten up your budget up, and help with your fitness goals. 

I test you to try it. Good luck you can do it.

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