Have you reached a weight loss plateau?

Have you reached a weight loss plateau?


Have you reached a weight loss plateau?

Remember back to when you first started your journey. There are components to losing weight that you have to implement in your lifestyle correct? Tracking your food? Setting up your workouts every week? Checking in with your coach? Tracking your 10,000 steps every-day. 

Let's evaluate what has not been working. Think of it like this!!


We are 75% of the way to our goal because this is the effort level that we have been giving to reach our goal. Doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong at all, this just indicates it is time to re-evaluate all the components to get your back on track. 

The bottom 15% means you might have missed 1 workout here and there, or you haven't been tracking exactly everything you have been eating. We are under committing to our goals.

The top 15% means we are possibly overeating, we are not getting enough sleep in our week. Which will be harder for you to get out of that plateau and might possibly set you back.

Sit down and go back over what you need more help with because you have been killing it, or what you haven't been giving a 100% in.

Doesn't matter what day it is. Today is always a good day to start back on your plan.



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