Working hard to make gains

Working hard to make gains

If you are a person that is working out 2-3x a week maybe even 4x and you think you are working hard in your workouts but you are only making small gains in your fitness goals then let us check how hard you are really working. 

Are you doing these things for your fitness by your self or with a coach:

1) Tracking your calories every day (yes every day!!!! there are no excuses anymore, life is too short)

2) Tracking your average weekly steps 10,000 a day. 70,000 a week. 

  • If you read one of the previous blogs we talked about calculating calories. 10,000 steps equals 500 calories burned. 500 X 7 days = 3500 calories in a day just for your walks. 

3) Tracking your workouts.

  • Doing 3 workouts a week, you should be doing those 3 workouts for a total of 3-4 weeks tracking an increase a 2% increase in weights every time you come back around to that workout. An increase in weight while lifting will allow strength gains, weight loss, and an increase in hormonal responses for improving your health. 

4) Tracking your water consumption every day.

  • Drink out of the same bottle so you can track your 2-3 liters of water every day.


Look into what you are doing for your results. Make sure you are pushing your self in the fitness field and the nutrition field. If you are kicking your ass in the workouts but not maintaining your nutritional tracking then this is where you are falling short. Remember we are here to help reach out to 3rd Coast to help create check ins for your fitness goals.



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