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  • * What type of 'mindset' do you have? *

    * What type of 'mindset' do you have? *

    The reason for my question I'm reading a great book at the minute It's called, 'Black Box Thinking' It's a real game-changer Now the fact I'm reading that book It shows I have a growth mindset Sadly most people in life Have a fixed mindset If you're unfamiliar with these terms... Allow me to explain: If you have a fixed mindset? It means that you see yourself as the 'finished product' (Someone that can't change and can't be 'improved') If you have a growth mindset? It means that you see yourself as a 'work in progress' (Someone that can change and can be 'improved') Personally I like to surround myself with people who have a growth ....

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  • Nutrition helps the changes you are looking for

    Nutrition helps the changes you are looking for

    We focus on you daily. When you are not with us training we keep track of your nutrition with you. We want you to feel great lifting weights in the gym. But what comes first is your nutrition. You may have a bad lift and be upset for an hour. But if you eat something bad it affects you for hours, you might feel bloated. You may end up canceling your class because you didn't eat something right. You thankfully have assigned coaches to check in on you weekly. We track numbers on the scale, we track tape measures but ultimately it's about how you feel in your clothes. How you performed in your ....

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  • How to pick healthy snacks!!!

    How to pick healthy snacks!!!

    Two office workers sit opposite each other at work 👨‍💼 👨🏽‍💼 One of them is a smug guy who’s ignorant to calories - he thinks he’s the main man and puts everyone else around him down Let’s call him Mr Smug... 👨‍💼 Mr Smug believes that losing weight is simply about making better food choices and if you eat healthy meals you’ll lose fat He looks down on his colleagues who eat even the slightest bit of processed food and he thinks that they are all mentally weak for not sticking to their healthy food diet He has a closed mindset and believes that eating healthy food is the only way to lose fat The second guy (let’s call him Mr ....

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  • To lead a healthy Life

    To lead a healthy Life

    To lead a healthy life, two things you should definitely do are engage in regular training and hang out with friends. Now the best idea is to combine both of those things and work out with your buddies to have fun, get motivated and fast-track your success. Of course, some people prefer to train alone to stay focused, but for others, having an exercise partner boosts their motivation and overall performance. A sense of healthy competition can prevail between you and your workout partner, which will keep your fitness level high. We have listed some of the benefits of working out with friends 👇 👇 👇 [WORKOUTS WILL BE FUN]
    The gym can be a boring place - just take a walk ....

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  • Working hard to make gains

    Working hard to make gains

    If you are a person that is working out 2-3x a week maybe even 4x and you think you are working hard in your workouts but you are only making small gains in your fitness goals then let us check how hard you are really working. Are you doing these things for your fitness by your self or with a coach: 1) Tracking your calories every day (yes every day!!!! there are no excuses anymore, life is too short) 2) Tracking your average weekly steps 10,000 a day. 70,000 a week.
    If you read one of the previous blogs we talked about calculating calories. 10,000 steps equals 500 calories burned. 500 X 7 days = 3500 calories in a day just for your walks. 3) Tracking your workouts.
    Doing 3 ....

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  • Have you reached a weight loss plateau?

    Have you reached a weight loss plateau?

    Have you reached a weight loss plateau?
    Remember back to when you first started your journey. There are components to losing weight that you have to implement in your lifestyle correct? Tracking your food? Setting up your workouts every week? Checking in with your coach? Tracking your 10,000 steps every-day. Let's evaluate what has not been working. Think of it like this!! --------------15%---------------|----------------------------75%-----------------------------|-------------------15%-------------------- We are 75% of the way to our goal because this is the effort level that we have been giving to reach ourgoal. Doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong at all, this ....

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  • 3500 is the Important number for Weight loss

    3,500! Maybe you’re trying to lose weight? Maybe you’re trying to gain weight by putting on some muscle? Whatever your goal may be, in order to effectively reach your desired weight, counting calories
    is an important strategy to implement in your daily routine. The magic number is 3,500. In order to gain or lose 1 pound, it takes 3,500 calories to be consumed. According to the CDC, a healthy rate to lose or gain weight is 1 to 2 pounds per week. For instance, if our target goal is to lose 10lbs within a 10 week period, the goal should be to cut out 3,500 calories per week. On a daily basis, that’s decreasing the average calories consumed per day by 500 calories/day ....

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  • Get up and MOVE!

    Get up and MOVE!

    GET UP AND MOVE!!! Both physiologically and structurally the human body is engineered to move. If we incorporate functional movements in our daily routine (walking, running, squatting, etc.…) that our bodies are designed to do--amazing things happen. Bones and muscles become stronger, blood circulation, metabolic efficiency, and respiratory health ALL improve. These are just a few of the positive adaptations your body will make. However, Americans are moving less now than ever before. The obesity epidemic and other illnesses related to sedentary life styles are at an all-time high. The U.S. government recommends adults get 2.5 hours of moderate intensity or one hour and 15 ....

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  • Learning to be healthy Starts in the Kitchen: Weight loss has to start somewhere.

    Learning to be healthy Starts in the Kitchen: Weight loss has to start somewhere.

    Healthy mealsstart in the kitchen whether weight loss, muscle gain, or athletic performance.
    Your day starts off with being in the kitchen an prepping for your day and your families day. Have you looked in your cupboards or refrigerator lately, I mean really looked and identified how many things you have that are healthy vs. not healthy? Whats the ratio? We all learn that we can prep for a great day of eating. Feel good after we ate well and went to the gym all in one day, however, if our kitchen isn't stocked with the right things to start our day off we rely on grab and go meals. To be honest not always a bad thing now that there are companies that make meals for delivery. But when ....

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  • How many times have you heard or said I don't have time to workout or I don't have time to prepare my food? Come on Chicago!!!!!!!

    How many times have you heard or said I don't have time to workout or I don't have time to prepare my food? Come on Chicago!!!!!!!

    Lets get real!!!
    We all have said I don't have time to workout today! I don't have time to prepare my food during the week!
    This is a huge problem if your goal is weight loss
    . Just think about it, if you would like to lose 20lbs or even 5lbs before summer comes you have to start setting yourself up to achieve that goal. Here are some basic tips to help schedule your day so you lose those lbs before your deadline. Step 1)
    Set up a schedule for your normal workday from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Put in the workout time that is ideal for you,knowing 100% that you will be able to get it in with no excuses, and then fill your day with your work schedule. ....

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