Semi Private Classes In Chicago River North

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Get ready for an upcoming season or take your workouts to the next level today. Our Semi Private Personal Training classes in Chicago's River North Neighborhood set you up for success in anything you do. 

Push your body to perform at its best with the help of our dedicated staff.

What Can I Expect From These Semi Private Classes?

Like everything at SOS Chicago, you pick and choose what you want to accomplish in our Semi Private Fitness Classes. 

Build Explosive Strength, Boosted Speed, And More

We're here to help your body perform at it's best. That means teaching you how to move with efficiency and train with urgency

In our 4 person Semi Private program at SOS Chicago, you can get the very most out of each workout with sustainable strategies that will keep you injury free and at your best.

In no time, you can develop:

  • Better speed and efficiency in every movement
  • Sport-specific strength and power
  • Decreased risk for injury and safer training methods
  • Long-lasting strategies to make you stand out from the crowd

Strength and Conditioning Chicago

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Whether you're hoping to make this season count or you're just looking for an incredible total-body workout, our classes will take you to the next level.

Join us in Chicago's River North neighborhood today to see how we can help you get more out of your training. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started!

Strength and Conditioning Chicago

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